Romain Gavras, film director

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Mr. Gavras could you please talk to me about various things in general?

I am the best dancer in Europe and I can moonwalk if I want to. The weirdest man I know is my friend Alex. Alex, you know, is a banker. When I was 12 I broke my arm because I fell at school and I broke it. At the same period my other hand was burned because a firework that I was holding explode in my hands by mistake. I usually sleep on the back. If I had a yacht it would be a yacht that looks like an airplane and I would name it John McLaine. The phrase I use the most is “This is not my first barbeque”. The word I hate the most is the word “amazing”.

The worst present I ever got is a bongo. If I had to choose a dead artist and make a video for him I would pick Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the story would be a nuclear apocalypse or something like that. When I was a student I was really into gangsta rap and my room had a striped wallpaper with ballons. All around the room were my brother’s Star Wars toys and a poster from the Blues Brothers film. I like the scent of Christian Dior’s Bois d’Argent parfume and if I had to choose my favorite parfume it would be that one, while my favorite shoes are the J.M.Weston and my favorite cotton t-shirts are the black cotton t-shirts. I despise vegan food, pets and round cars like the new Beetle for example. One of my best friends, is half French half Vietnamese and looks like a beautiful woman but he is a man. My other best friend is dead. I am not afraid of airplanes or other stuff that usually people are afraid of. I used to get into fights a lot when I was younger but now not so much because I am a dad and I also have a big nose, so I avoid fights now.

When I take photos I use a Contax camera with film and I think that the last picture I took was one of my daughter eating strawberries. I see clearly at both eyes almost 10/10 and I am not shortsighted. I recently found out that aparently the story with the dude walking on the moon was real, and I was amazed because I thought that this was some kind of a fake propaganda of the Americans but now I know that this was real. I really like Aphrodite’s Child, I adore Vangelis Papathanasiou. I don’t like my left elbow. I am afraid of eagles. I have never been to Hawaii but I imagine that it’s propably a very beautiful place full of fat old people.

I am sure that the most beautiful building in Paris is the Opera; no doubt. If I want to curse someone I will call him a “cunt face”. I would really love to film Greek horsemen invading Switzerland. I hate John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and I can’t understand the lyrics of R.Kelly’s song “You remind me of my jeep”. I really can’t. Before a shooting I make the same little ritual, but it’s a secret. I miss my dead best friend very much.

Mr. Gavras I would like to tell me now a phrase in Greek, if you know any of course.

Ena whisky parakalo malaka. (meaning: Asshole, an whisky please)

Romain Gavras is 18 years old, his hair are wet and into his mouth; under his tongue there is a completely broken digital photometer. He has a jean jacket with a fur at the inner side and a small daughter. He lives in Paris next to a man that drives a Citroen DS, wears a mariniere shirt, eats butter croissants and pees without closing the bathroom door. The ritual he has before every shooting is the following: He licks his palms with his tongue, he then rubs his hands on his trousers back pockets, he says loudly 4 times the phrase “Avec ma gueule de métèque de Juif errant, de patre grèc et mes cheveux aux quatre vents”, kneels and spits while coughing on telephoto lenses, a bit blurry.

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