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Four old men and two old women are seated. They hold glasses full of whisky in their hands. On a small coffee table in front of them there are strawberry tarts and kiwi tarts. A man gets up and stands in the middle of the room. He raises his hand holding the glass. On the back side his shirt is wet from sweat. His belt is made of fine leather.

(old man)
And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: Ask not what America will do for you, but what we can do together for the freedom of man.

A man is crying and a woman caresses his head. On the floor lie a silver tray, two croissants, two cups of coffee, a ball with apricot jam and a piece of chocolate cake.

I’m sorry.

A chubby man is sitting on a plastic chair. Water runs from the tap and the sink is full. A woman gets in the kitchen, slaps the man and turns it off.

A man and a woman stare at the sea as they have their hand around each other. It’s dead calm.

I will tell him to fuck off.
You do that.

In the center of the room there’s a corner couch, its cover made of a shinny cloth in shades of blue. Next to the couch there’s a ancient roman couch made of the same cloth but in shades of grey. Next to the glass house on the balcony there’s a bookcase with just a few books and on the other side a 42′ flat screen TV and a brand new DVD player plugged to it. There’s no carpet on the floor. The curtains are white, strapped with a thick blue cord that ends in a tassel. On the wall a painting of a forest in autumn hangs, and a framed poster that shows some dogs that smoke as the play pool. In front of the couch there’s a low table, on top of which there’s a cup full of coffee and a plate with butter cookies. On the couch there’s a closed leather rucksack. On the floor, between the low table and the couch, there are two slippers made of faux leather. The ceiling lamp consists of eight small spots, each facing a different direction. On the other side of the bookcase there’s a fireplace, that hasn’t been recently used and of all the equipment, the one that you use to knock on the wood, when it has burned, to keep the fire going, is missing. On the shelf that the wall forms with the fireplace there is a pile of playstation game wraps and two pictures in two similar frames, one of which shows someone wearing sunglasses and the other one shows an old man hugging a younger man wearing military uniform. Next to the door there’s a wall hanger where four jackets are hanged; a jean, a black raincoat with a hood, a brown leather with fur collar and another jean a bit darker. On the door there are some keys. The key holder is silver and its shape resemblance the island of Crete. Next to the door there’s a shelf cabinet and on the top shelf there are two pairs of sunglasses, one short-sighted, a car key on a BMW key holder, a Zippo lighter, a burned tea light candle, a two pages wish card -on the cover of which is printed: “HI, MY FEELINGS FOR YOU ARE”, while on the inside page: “SO TRUE”-, a plastic mobile cover, a marker with chewed cap and AA batteries. The spotlights are on. We can hear the sound of the garden’s watering machine and the sound of the door bell.

The timer of a clockwork bomb shows 08:42. After a while it shows 08:22. A dirty handsome man and a beautiful woman stand in front of the activated bomb. The handsome man cuts a blue cable with a small knife but the timer does not stop.

We’ve got to make it. It is Christmas and the mall is full with children.

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